Milutin Perič Family Aida Perič: husband and wifeMilutin Perič</br>Family</br>Aida Perič husband and wifehusbandand wifeJAMP, s.r.o. Owned by Milutin Perič: 1%JAMP, s.r.o.</br>Owned by</br>Milutin Perič 1%1%SLOT Group Owned by Milutin Perič: 80%SLOT Group</br>Owned by</br>Milutin Perič 80%80%Milutin Perič Employee of Brno Building, a.s.: president of steering committeeMilutin Perič</br>Employee of</br>Brno Building, a.s. president of steering committeepresidentof steeringcommitteeJAMP, s.r.o. Owned by Aida Perič: 99%JAMP, s.r.o.</br>Owned by</br>Aida Perič 99%99%SLOT Group Owned by Aida Perič: 20%SLOT Group</br>Owned by</br>Aida Perič 20%20%Brno Building, a.s. Owned by JAMP, s.r.o.: 100%Brno Building, a.s.</br>Owned by</br>JAMP, s.r.o. 100%100%Vojislav and Dejan Sparavalos Employee of Brno Building, a.s.: board of directorsVojislav and Dejan Sparavalos</br>Employee of</br>Brno Building, a.s. board of directorsboard ofdirectorsAzra Luxury Watches Owned by JAMP, s.r.o.: 50%Azra Luxury Watches</br>Owned by</br>JAMP, s.r.o. 50%50%Chain of casinos Owned by SLOT Group: 100%Chain of casinos</br>Owned by</br>SLOT Group 100%100%Vojislav and Dejan Sparavalos Employee of JAMP, s.r.o.: Vojislav member of steering committeeVojislav and Dejan Sparavalos</br>Employee of</br>JAMP, s.r.o. Vojislav member of steering committeeVojislavmember ofsteeringcommitteeChain of stores with luxury watches Owned by Azra Luxury Watches: 100%Chain of stores with luxury watches</br>Owned by</br>Azra Luxury Watches 100%100%Milutin PeričMilutin Perič Aida PeričAida Perič JAMP, s.r.o.JAMP, s.r.o. SLOT GroupSLOT Group Brno Building, a.s.BrnoBuilding, a.s. Vojislav and Dejan SparavalosVojislav andDejanSparavalos Azra Luxury WatchesAzra LuxuryWatches Chain of stores with luxury watchesChain ofstores withluxurywatches Chain of casinosChain ofcasinos