Transparency International Albania Owned by Lutfi Dervishi: Executive DirectorTransparency International Albania</br>Owned by</br>Lutfi Dervishi Executive DirectorExecutiveDirectorAMSHC money to Transparency International Albania: €27,000AMSHC</br>money to</br>Transparency International Albania €27,000€27,000Endrit Pollo Employee of AMSHC: Finance Specialist at AMSHCEndrit Pollo</br>Employee of</br>AMSHC Finance Specialist at AMSHCFinanceSpecialist atAMSHCAMSHC money to UET Center: €5,200AMSHC</br>money to</br>UET Center €5,200€5,200AMSHC money to Foundation for Economic Freedom: €24,800AMSHC</br>money to</br>Foundation for Economic Freedom €24,800€24,800AMSHC money to Akses Center: €42,800AMSHC</br>money to</br>Akses Center €42,800€42,800AMSHC money to JEF Albania: €27,000AMSHC</br>money to</br>JEF Albania €27,000€27,000AMSHC money to Albania’s Youth Council,: €48,400 AMSHC</br>money to</br>Albania’s Youth Council, €48,400 €48,400 Altin Goxhaj Employee of AMSHC: Board memberAltin Goxhaj</br>Employee of</br>AMSHC Board memberBoardmemberHelena Papa Employee of AMSHC: Board memberHelena Papa</br>Employee of</br>AMSHC Board memberBoardmemberLutfi Dervishi Employee of AMSHC: Board memberLutfi Dervishi</br>Employee of</br>AMSHC Board memberBoardmemberHenri Cili Employee of AMSHC: Board memberHenri Cili</br>Employee of</br>AMSHC Board memberBoardmemberJEF Albania Owned by Endrit Pollo: Former Executive DirectorJEF Albania</br>Owned by</br>Endrit Pollo Former Executive DirectorFormerExecutiveDirectorAkses Center Owned by Marjana Papa: Executive DirectorAkses Center</br>Owned by</br>Marjana Papa Executive DirectorExecutiveDirectorMarjana Papa Family Helena Papa: SisterMarjana Papa</br>Family</br>Helena Papa SisterSisterFoundation for Economic Freedom Owned by Henri Cili: FounderFoundation for Economic Freedom</br>Owned by</br>Henri Cili FounderFounderUET Center Owned by Henri Cili: FounderUET Center</br>Owned by</br>Henri Cili FounderFounderAlbania’s Youth Council, Owned by Altin Goxhaj: Former Executive DirectorAlbania’s Youth Council,</br>Owned by</br>Altin Goxhaj Former Executive DirectorFormerExecutiveDirectorTransparency International AlbaniaTransparencyInternationalAlbania Albania’s Youth Council,Albania’s YouthCouncil, UET CenterUET Center Foundation for Economic FreedomFoundation forEconomicFreedom JEF AlbaniaJEF Albania Altin GoxhajAltin Goxhaj Lutfi DervishiLutfi Dervishi Marjana PapaMarjana Papa Helena PapaHelena Papa Endrit PolloEndrit Pollo Henri CiliHenri Cili AMSHCAMSHC Akses CenterAkses Center