Milorad Miškovič Employee of Daramis Group: directorMilorad Miškovič</br>Employee of</br>Daramis Group directordirectorMilorad Miškovič Employee of ECP Real Estate: statutoryMilorad Miškovič</br>Employee of</br>ECP Real Estate statutorystatutoryMilorad Miškovič Employee of IMD Trade a.s.: statutoryMilorad Miškovič</br>Employee of</br>IMD Trade a.s. statutorystatutoryOmri Sivor Employee of Daramis Group: statutoryOmri Sivor</br>Employee of</br>Daramis Group statutorystatutoryECP Real Estate Owned by European Capital Partners Investments: 75% shareECP Real Estate</br>Owned by</br>European Capital Partners Investments 75% share75% shareDaramis Group Owned by DARAMIS INVESTMENT LIMITED: 100 % shareDaramis Group</br>Owned by</br>DARAMIS INVESTMENT LIMITED 100 % share100 % shareVojislav Sparavalo Employee of IMD Trade a.s.: chairman of the boardVojislav Sparavalo</br>Employee of</br>IMD Trade a.s. chairman of the boardchairman of theboardThomas Samii Employee of IMD Trade a.s.: statutoryThomas Samii</br>Employee of</br>IMD Trade a.s. statutorystatutoryOmri Sivor Family David Sivor: David father of OmriOmri Sivor</br>Family</br>David Sivor David father of OmriDavid father ofOmriEuropean Capital Partners Investments Owned by Mirek Topolánek: 50%European Capital Partners Investments</br>Owned by</br>Mirek Topolánek 50%50%Tulipa Vokovice Owned by DARAMIS INVESTMENT LIMITED: recent ownerTulipa Vokovice</br>Owned by</br>DARAMIS INVESTMENT LIMITED recent ownerrecent ownerDavid Sivor money to Jan Fischer: paid his debt from presidential campaignDavid Sivor</br>money to</br>Jan Fischer paid his debt from presidential campaignpaid his debtfrompresidentialcampaignMirek Topolánek Employee of Prime Minister: Prime MinisterMirek Topolánek</br>Employee of</br>Prime Minister Prime MinisterPrime MinisterTulipa Vokovice Owned by AFI Europe N.V.: former ownerTulipa Vokovice</br>Owned by</br>AFI Europe N.V. former ownerformer ownerJan Fischer Employee of Ministry of finance: Minister of financeJan Fischer</br>Employee of</br>Ministry of finance Minister of financeMinister offinanceAFI Europe N.V. Owned by Lev Leviev: 100% shareAFI Europe N.V.</br>Owned by</br>Lev Leviev 100% share100% shareMilorad MiškovičMilorad Miškovič Daramis GroupDaramis Group Omri SivorOmri Sivor David SivorDavid Sivor Jan FischerJan Fischer Ministry of financeMinistry of finance ECP Real EstateECP Real Estate European Capital Partners InvestmentsEuropean CapitalPartnersInvestments Mirek TopolánekMirek Topolánek Prime MinisterPrime Minister DARAMIS INVESTMENT LIMITEDDARAMISINVESTMENTLIMITED Tulipa VokoviceTulipa Vokovice AFI Europe N.V.AFI Europe N.V. Lev LevievLev Leviev IMD Trade a.s.IMD Trade a.s. Thomas SamiiThomas Samii Vojislav SparavaloVojislav Sparavalo