Morewig Limited Owned by Damir Fazlic: 100%Morewig Limited<span class='link-type'>Owned by</span>Damir Fazlic 100%100%Cleone Limited Owned by Morewig Limited: 100%Cleone Limited<span class='link-type'>Owned by</span>Morewig Limited 100%100%Meridian Telecoms Owned by US Investors: 50%Meridian Telecoms<span class='link-type'>Owned by</span>US Investors 50%50%Meridian Telecoms Owned by Cleone Limited: 50%Meridian Telecoms<span class='link-type'>Owned by</span>Cleone Limited 50%50%Damir Fazlic Employee of Albanian Democratic Party: $1m in political donationsDamir Fazlic<span class='link-type'>Employee of</span>Albanian Democratic Party $1m in political donations$1m inpolitical donationsAlbanian Telecoms Owned by Albanian Democratic Party: 100%Albanian Telecoms<span class='link-type'>Owned by</span>Albanian Democratic Party 100%100%Albanian Telecoms money to Meridian Telecoms: VoIP contractAlbanian Telecoms<span class='link-type'>money to</span>Meridian Telecoms VoIP contractVoIPcontractUS Investors money to Damir Fazlic: $1millionUS Investors<span class='link-type'>money to</span>Damir Fazlic $1million$1millionDamir FazlicDamir Fazlic Meridian TelecomsMeridian Telecoms US InvestorsUS Investors Cleone LimitedCleone Limited Morewig LimitedMorewig Limited Albanian TelecomsAlbanian Telecoms Albanian Democratic PartyAlbanian DemocraticParty