Thomas Samii Employee of Molteh: President of board of directorsThomas Samii</br>Employee of</br>Molteh President of board of directorsPresident ofboard ofdirectorsMolteh Owned by Vladimir Zagorec: former ownerMolteh</br>Owned by</br>Vladimir Zagorec former ownerformer ownerVladimir Zagorec named abuse of office and stealing $5 million in diamonds: 7 years in prisonVladimir Zagorec</br>named</br>abuse of office and stealing $5 million in diamonds 7 years in prison7 years in prisonHypo Alpe Adria money to Vladimir Zagorec: €60 millionsHypo Alpe Adria</br>money to</br>Vladimir Zagorec €60 millions €60 millionsThomas SamiiThomas Samii MoltehMolteh Vladimir ZagorecVladimir Zagorec abuse of office and stealing $5 million in diamondsabuse of office andstealing $5 millionin diamonds Hypo Alpe AdriaHypo Alpe Adria