Director Director Director Brother 84.99 % VR VR Mitglied VR Director Sole Administrator Representative Präsident VRP Director VR 302 Shares VR VRP Director VR VR Director Director VRP VRP Präsident VR Director 100 % Consulting Fee 100 % Investment Commitee 24 Mio. USD (AR 2014) VR 100% 100% 100 % 100% 100 % 100 % gleiche Adresse VRP VRP VR VR VR VRP VRP Member Member Filialleiter Member Consulting Fee Consulting Fee Consulting Fee Consulting Fee invests 180 Mio. $ hires for mandates Consulting Fee 10 % collaborate with CFO related to related to VR Group Legal Counsel Geschäftsführer 33 % 100 % 100 % 100 % VRP VRP VR VR VR VR VRP Member Member 100 % Tochter VR gegründet durch VR Director, bis Sep 2016 10 % / 5 Mio. USD evaluated by Director / Quantum Head of Active Mgt VR 100 % VR Jean-Claude Bastos Thomas Ladner Quantum Global Corporate Services Quantum Global Alternative Investments Quantum Global Research Lab Quantum Global Wealth Management Ltd Stampa QG Ltd Quantum Global Investment Management Martin Neese Quantum Global Private Wealth Central African Investment Stampa Governance Consulting Turtle Management Armin Meier Serge Bastos NRH Natural Resources Holding TI ENGINEERING HOLDINGS Ltd Novecia Ltd Hall Core International Ltd Ernst Welteke Stampa&Partners Holding Banco Kwanza Investimento SA Quantum Global Advisory Board Ruth Metzler-Arnold André Schneider B'weza International Afrikanische Innovations Stiftung Walter Fust Marcel Krüse QUANTUM CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL S.A., Road Town, British Virgin Islands, Zug (Swiss) Branch (gelöscht 2010) Quantum Capital International S.A. (gestrichen 2013) Bastimmo AG Bastimmo Holding Ltd Epic Properties Mallorca SL BASTIMMO d.o.o. QG Investments Africa Management Ltd. OMFIF David Marsh Equity Partnerships (gelöscht) CROSSMEDIA SERVICES — S.R.L. Tomé International Fundo Soberano de Angola FSDA Caioporto S.A. Uniqua Consulting Varintia Holding Djembe Communications Frank Bodin Associazione Youtopia Capoinvest Ltd. Monika Ribar Fundo Activo de Capital de Risco Anglolano FACRA Somepa Mpopo Gold Mine Saporiti Global SA Benguela Creativity Hub Financial Tower Luanda Paul Bernhard Henrich Quantum Global Corporation Green Tree Inc Alexandre Montellese AMH Properties Rundum Events AG TRC The Resources Company AG Benguela Development SA Independant Power Corporation PLC Martin Bachmann Lusaka Hotel Holdings InterContinental Hotel Lusaka Roberto Saporiti Afrique Co