200,000 on June 3 2014 USD$20,000 monthly salary owned by Owned by Owned by Collaborated with June 3 2014 payment USD$300,000 Supported by Yan USD$200,000 Supported by Yan Ashe shared a portion of bribe payments. Through Yin/Piao NGOs Honorary President Owned by Access to Collaborated with July 25 2012 payment Collaborated with Nov 4 2013 payment $60,000 on Feb 5 2013 from Ng Macao bank USD$800,000 Lap Seng Ng Francisco Lorenzo John Ashe Jeff Yin Shiwei Yan Heidi Hong Piao Then-PM of Antigua "Various Chinese businessmen NGO- 1 (South South News) Macau Real Estate Development Company Ng bank account Macao Dominican company